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Some Factors that Shape Atlanta’s Real Estate Market through 2027


The City of Atlanta in Georgia is known for its growing population and booming economy. Considered “The City Too Busy to Hate” by players in the real estate industry, some trends tell investors why investing in Atlanta should not be overlooked. The following factors help shape Atlanta’s real estate market through 2027:

1. Population growth - Atlanta’s population continues to grow, leading to a more robust job market. By 2050, nearly three million people shall have moved to Atlanta, based on the Metro Atlanta Chamber report. Film and technology are among the business sectors expected to draw an influx of families needing homes.

2. Rising demand for residential homes - The influx of employees and their families will significantly increase the demand for condos and apartments in the urban areas of Atlanta. Along with this is the expected growth in suburban homes where families can have spacious homes with backyards.

3. Growing infrastructure - Infrastructure expansions, particularly in the transport sector, will tremendously affect neighborhood growth and increase property valuations, especially around transit stations. Moreover, Atlanta has a good transport system, well-maintained parks, and some of the best schools and universities.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

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How to Prepare Meals on a Budget for Family Reunions

 The cost of cooking for a family reunion can be high. Expenses can quickly escalate from purchasing ingredients to ensuring everyone's favorite dish is on the table.

One effective strategy to control costs is to take the do-it-yourself approach. Instead of buying expensive bottled wine and juice, prepare fruit juice at home using readily available fruits in the fridge. Additionally, making meals with affordable, in-season ingredients proves more cost-effective than ordering food from a restaurant.

To save costs when cooking for a family reunion, choose a main course meal that is inexpensive to prepare. For instance, meatballs are a great meal choice for cooking on a budget. Then, add more weight to each plate by incorporating as many vegetables as possible into the pot so everyone gets well-fed. To stay within budget, consider replacing the conventional Parmesan and pesto for some recipes with dried herbs and cupboard ingredients to enhance the taste.

Another practical way to save money is to choose affordable desserts. As a budget-conscious host, keep desserts simple and inexpensive. Consider serving slices of fresh watermelon or homemade cookies and cakes.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Reasons to Invest in Industrial Real Estate


Industrial real estate is any property where industrial activities take place. It includes land and buildings where production, manufacturing, assembling, distribution, logistics, research warehousing, storage, and similar activities occur.

There are many reasons to invest in industrial real estate. Industrial property vacancy rates tend to be lower than other commercial real estate. This is largely because of the accessibility and adaptability of most industrial properties. Large industrial properties like warehouses attract unique tenants as they can be outfitted for multiple uses.

One industrial property may have multiple uses simultaneously. It’s possible to section one large warehouse building into separate spaces for office use, storage, and production. In addition, industrial properties can be used for various activities, including research laboratories and technology innovation centers. Even if the performance of one asset class is affected by factors like a changed regulatory environment, it can be easily adapted for another activity or use.

In commercial real estate, a property in a particular category can only be used for that specific purpose. For example, office space cannot be used as an office space. Similarly, an office block cannot be used as a retail outlet.

However, an industrial property has multiple potential uses, which gives it greater flexibility to respond to the changing market. For example, if warehouse demand is low in an area but storage facilities are in high demand, industrial property can be marketed as either.

A property that remains occupied for long durations offers the investor long-term, steady income. Due to their volume and sheer mass, tenants do not like the prospect of moving an industrial business frequently. For this reason, tenants may prefer to renew their lease than pack and relocate.

Most industrial real estate property leases are either double or triple-net leases, which results in a totally ‘hands-off’ investment for the landlord. In a double net (NN) lease, the tenant is responsible for most expenses associated with their occupancy, such as property taxes, insurance, and routine maintenance. The exceptions are structural items such as the foundation or roof. In a triple net (NNN) lease, the tenant takes care of everything associated with occupying the building.

A standard commercial property like an office building comes with numerous overhead expenses. The owner has to undertake renovations, repairs, and upgrades throughout the ownership. These are not only time-consuming but costly.

However, the maintenance requirements might be much lower with industrial real estate. Most industrial properties are big, open spaces with concrete floors and exposed high ceilings. They don’t require high-end fixtures, flooring, and other expenses such as soundproofing.

The growth of e-commerce also makes industrial property more attractive as an investment option to investors. E-commerce businesses need more storage facilities and warehouses to keep up with growing customer demand. These companies need additional space for inventory storage and shipping activities.

In addition, industrial real estate is located in less densely populated areas, making them appealing for businesses that ship products. Another plus is that they are often near transportation routes, seaports, airports, and rail terminals.

Monday, January 8, 2024

A Guide to Evaluating Industrial Real Estate Sites


Selecting the right industrial real estate site is a critical decision that can significantly impact the success of a business. Whether a company wants to establish a manufacturing facility, warehouse, or distribution center, it must thoroughly evaluate potential sites to ensure long-term operational efficiency and profitability...

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